The Gatekeeper Technology Solutions Process

  • Gatekeeper Technology Solutions identifies and tests potential points of attack, after gathering background information by enumerating domains and identifying network blocks registered to the vendor. These attack vectors are first verified, then enumerated to look for available live hosts, ports, and services.
  • The output of this testing is a network diagram with ports and services accessible from the Internet. Our team provides a list of vulnerable services along with the level of impact and recommended fixes, including those listed in the SANS/FBI Top 20 Most Critical Internet Security Vulnerabilities ( We also provide architectural recommendations for the DMZ.
  • Discover vulnerabilities in a network
  • Move beyond simple scanning with in-depth, non-intrusive assessments or, optionally, penetration testing
  • External or internal assessments based on client requirements

What We deliver

The result of a network assessment is a list of possible vulnerable systems (if any). Based on additional analysis (either by exploiting the server, running host review scripts or requesting information through the administrator), false positives will be removed. Additionally, recommendations to help improve the network architecture will be provided.

Gatekeeper Technology Solutions will consolidate the deliverable from its physical security review analysis engagements along with the other components reviewed. The report will summarize the project's scope, approach, findings and recommendations to repair any issues found.